Alternative accommodation in special cases

In certain circumstances it may be necessary for the Council to move a tenant or a group of tenants on a temporary or permanent basis.

These are rare situations but could arise in the following circumstances:

  • Major repairs are required to a property or a group of properties
  • A planned maintenance programme needs to be undertaken to a group of properties
  • A property or group of properties requires demolition

Tenants will be fully consulted on any need or requirement for them to move home and compensation payments may apply.

If you have to leave your home temporarily, you may be entitled to a disturbance payment.

If you have to leave your home permanently, you may be entitled both to a disturbance payment and a home loss payment.

Home loss payments are statutory payments of a specific amount made under the Land Compensation Act 1973.

Disturbance payments are discretionary payments to assist with the costs of moving home. These costs include paying removal companies, disconnection and reconnection and of the gas and/or electricity supply.

In the event that you are required to leave your home due to any of the above reasons we will provide you with appropriate advice and support.

Who to contact

Tenancy Officers

Telephone: 01268 882200.