Boatman and Pleasure Boats FAQ's


What is a boatmen's licence?

A boatman’s Licence applies to persons/operators who assist in the charge and navigation of pleasure boats, craft or vessels to be let for hire or be used or carrying passengers for hire in category D waters

How long does the licence last?

Licences are issued on an annual basis, 1st April to 31st March. They are not transferable and cannot be backdated.

I have a boat and wish to use this, do I require a licence?

Yes there is a requirement to be licensed as Boatmen in order to obtain a pleasure boat licence to take parties of up to 12 passengers. In category D waters.
How do I qualify for a boatmen’s licence?
In order to qualify for a boatmen’s licence the applicant must be:
Be over 18 years of age
Submit an application form, relevant documentation and proof of age with the relevant fee in person at Castle Point Borough Council.
Submit names and addresses of 2 referees not related to the applicant or living at the same address as the applicant.
2 Passport type recent photo’s of the applicant
Be acquainted with the various rules and regulation pertaining to passenger carrying vessels
Hold a minimum of either a RYA Power boat level two with commercial endorsement or MCA BML tier one level 2 qualifications. With over 12 months boating and navigation experience.
Have a medical to show that he/she is not suffering from any disease or disability which could make it unsafe for him/her to be in charge of a passenger vessel. (Group 2 or ML5 medical)

With regard of pleasure boats, what classes do you licence?

There are classes of vessels that this licence allows you to operate, they are:
Class A – Under 20ft in length
Class B – 20ft but less than 40ft in length
Class C – 40ft but less than 85ft in length

How do I apply to hold a boatmen's/pleasure boat licences?

Application forms and conditions of licences can be obtained form the Licensing Unit at Castle Point Borough Council on 01268 882416, by email or they can be downloaded from the web site.

Now I have obtained my licences as a boatmen and pleasure boat, can it be suspended or revoked?

Yes Castle Point Borough Council may suspend, or revoke a licence at any time whenever they deem such suspension or revocation to be necessary in the interest of the public safety.

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Am I required to submit my boat for inspection with the Council?

Each craft must be submitted for an annual inspection by the Port of London Authority (PLA). The PLA will pay a visit to the launch site during the year. Test dates are mutually agreed. The PLA will inspect the craft to the MCA Small Passenger Boat Code Standard; only once the PLA is satisfied the boat meets this standard will the licence be issued.

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