Careers in Environmental Health

If you’re interested in a career in environmental health, get information on how to become an Environmental Health Officer/Practitioner or visit and discover what a career as an Environmental Health Officer/Practitioner is like, what type of people become EHO/EHPs and if it’s the career you’re looking for. There is also further information on UK Universities and Colleges where courses of academic study leading to the qualification of Environmental Health Officer/Practitioner have been accredited

Becoming qualified as an Environmental Health Officer/Practitioner involves both academic study and work-based experiential learning. Environmental Health is a graduate profession and all would-be EHO/EHPs have to pass a CIEH accredited degree course at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

It is possible to become qualified by studying at university full or part-time or by a number of other flexible routes.

Your routes of entry can depend on your age and experience.

The key thing to remember is that without ’accreditation’ by CIEH your course will not be recognised so make sure you make the right choice.