Anglian Water has responsibility for practically all private sewers and most drains outside property boundaries that connect to the public sewer network. This applies to both residential and commercial properties and both foul and surface water systems.

If you are affected by a blocked sewer ring Anglian Water on 08457 145145.

Every year the Council receives a number of complaints from residents who have had problems with their house drainage. This information is intended to give you some basic advice on drainage matters to assist you in dealing with drainage problems.

The pipe that exits your house is called a drain. If this drain then joins a drain from another property, the pipe becomes a sewer from that point onwards.

Responsibilities for unblocking

This will depend upon whether or not the sewer is classed as Public or Private.

Public sewers are those that have been adopted by the drainage authority (e.g. Anglian Water) and, once adopted, cleaning and maintenance of that sewer is their responsibility.

Sewers built before October 1 1937 are known as "Section 24 sewers" and are the exception to the rule. They fit the general description of private sewers but they are actually public and therefore managed by the drainage authority.

Houses with drains


Drainage Responsibilities

Length Responsibility
A - C Property 1
B - C Property 2
D - E Property 3
H - F Property 4
I - J Property 5
C - E Properties 1 & 2
E - F Property 1, 2 & 3
F - G Properties 1, 2, 3 & 4
K - L Water Company

If Length C - G was constructed before 1st October 1937 it may be the responsibility of the water company.