LCTS Further Advice and Information

How much Council Tax am I going to have to pay?

Everyone will receive a council tax bill informing them of the amount charged for the year. If you have not claimed before and wish to make a claim for Local Council Tax Support there is a Local Council Tax Support calculator available for you to use here. Please note the calculator is only a guide. For further information please see the Council Tax Support section.

How can I pay my council tax bill?

We have increased our payment options and these can be viewed on the Council Tax page.

I already have debts and will struggle to pay this bill. What help is available?

If you are concerned about your financial situation and your ability to pay council tax, Castle Point Borough Council is working with Step Change Debt Charity. Step Change offer free independent and impartial debt advice and can help with debt management, budgeting advice, payday loans advice. Call freephone 0800 138 1111, Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm, Sat 9am - 3 pm. Online help is available via their Debt Remedy tool 24 hours a day.

I have never had to pay council tax before, what is my banding and yearly council tax charge?

I am a pensioner, am I affected by these changes?

No, pensioners are protected from the changes by government regulations unless you fall into the category below.

If you or your partner are claiming Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance or ESA you will be affected by these changes as these are deemed working age main stream benefits.

Council Tax Support for pensioners will be calculated in the same way as they previously have been under Council Tax Benefit. The same calculation changes that previously existed under Council Tax Benefit will also apply when pensioners income changes, such as increases in state benefit/pensions etc from April.

Why are disabled claimants not fully protected?

The significant cut in Government funding means that we can't fully protect disabled claimants from reductions in Council Tax Support. All disabled claimants will have to pay a minimum 30% of their council tax. To fully protect disabled people from the scheme would be to the severe detriment of non disabled claimants. However, we are committed to protecting disabled people as much as we can by continuing to fully disregard Disability Living Allowance as income and retaining certain premiums that apply to disabled households.

Why is the cut so severe for working age claimants?

Castle Point has a high a level of pensioner claimants and, as the government has stipulated that pensioners must be fully protected, the funding cut falls on the remaining working age claimants. This has left the authority with very little room to manoeuvre and restricted our ability to make the scheme more flexible and offer greater protection for claimants.