Missed Collections - how to report

If you have had your recycling or refuse collection missed, please follow these steps to report it.

1. Have you got the correct collection day and that it was presented by 7am?

refuse calendar, refuse and recycling calendar

If you have the wrong day, please re-present the waste on your next collection day.


2. Has the recycling been contaminated?

If you have presented any recycling with the incorrect items your recycling sack/box/bin will have a notififcation on it.  If you have a notification correct the items and re-present on your next collection.


3. Report it*

If you have checked all the above then you can report it to us:

email: recycling@castlepoint.gov.uk

call: 01268 882200


*Missed collections must be reported within 2 working days of the correct collection day.

*We will try to collect your reported missed collection at the earliest possible time as resources allow.