About the service 

Peabody's Essex Outreach Support team are able to support Castle Point residents who are experiencing a range of problems that are impacting on your health, financial and housing wellbeing. Peabody provide a range of guidance and support to help you feel more confident and able to manage independently. 

Peabody work with you to find out what help you need and how to achieve the things that are important to you.

Peabody can help with a range of different things such as;

  • Benefit claims and advice
  • Employment, training and volunteering opportunities
  • Housing and homelessness issues
  • Support for drug and alcohol problems
  • Help with managing rent arrears
  • Getting support with mental health
  • Help with managing money and budgeting 
  • Care and support options in Essex
  • Health and wellbeing

Anyone can refer to the service. You can do this in person by telephoning  Freephone Number 0800 2888 883, or in person by visiting one of our drop-ins (please ring).

Contact details
Tel: 0800 28 888 83