Pest Control


The Pest Control Service has now been stopped with no plans for this to be replaced.

Customers can find a list of alternative local service providers on (National Pest Technicians Association) or  (British Pest Control Association.)

The Council is not legally obliged to provide pest control services, yet land owners have a legal duty to keep their land free from rats and mice.


Advice on foxes is available from:

Fox Deterrence Helpline - Tel: 01892 824111

National Fox Welfare Society
135 Higham Road
NN10 6DS
Tel: 01933 411996
Fax: 01933 397324

An information leaflet is available using the following link - Living with Urban Foxes [pdf] 3MB

Bats and badgers are protected species and must not be harmed. Advice on these is available from:

Wildlife Licensing Unit
Natural England
First Floor
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Bristol, BS1 6EB

Tel: 0845 601 4523
Fax: 0845 601 3438

Swarms of honey bees will not be moved by the Council. Local beekeepers will usually collect swarms and may make a small charge to cover costs. Details of local beekeepers are available from