Recycling Bank sites

Where are the recycling banks?

Site Mixed Glass Bottles Mixed Textiles and clothes  &   small electricals appliances
Canvey Island
Canvey Library, High St, SS8 7RB   Y
Health Centre, Long Road SS8 0JD Y  
Morrisons Supermarket, Northwick Road, Canvey Island SS8 0PT Y   Y
Oak Road car park, Furtherwick Road SS8 7AX Y   Y
Small Gains Hall, Creek Road, Canvey Island SS8 8QP     Y
Waterside Sports Centre Somnes Ave SS8 9RO     Y
Benfleet, Thundersley and Hadleigh
Council Offices, Kiln Road, Benfleet SS7 1TF  Y   Y
Dark Lane car park, Thundersley SS7 3PU Y   Y
Great Tarpots Library, 127 London Road, Benfleet SS& 5UH   Y
Hadleigh Library, 180 London Road SS7 2PD   Y
Rectory Road car park, Hadleigh SS7 2DQ Y   Y
Richmond Hall car park, Benfleet SS7 5HE Y   Y
Sainsburys, Rayleigh Weir, Stadium Way, Rayleigh SS7 3UB Y Y
School Lane car park, Benfleet SS7 1NS Y Y
South Benfleet Library, 264 High Road, Benfleet SS7 5HD   Y
Woodside Cemetry car park, end of Manor Road, SS7 4PD Y   Y


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