Starting School

Castle Point Borough Council is not directly responsible for the provision of education services in the area and the admission of pupils to county and controlled schools is managed by the Local Education Authority. Queries about school education in the Castle Point area should be addressed to :

Planning & Admissions
PO Box 4261

Helpline No. 0845 603 7630

or contact Essex County Council schools for more information about schools in the area.

Listed below is some helpful advice about starting school. Additionally, in the column to the right, there are a number of useful links to other websites.

Finding a school

The Essex County school search page contains information on local schools. You should arrange to visit the school(s) of your choice and inform the Headteacher that you wish your child to be placed on the waiting list.

When the time is right the school will post an admission form to you which you should complete and return. If the number of children on the waiting list is less than the subscribed class size then the Headteacher will offer your child a place.

If the school is oversubscribed, i.e. there are more requests than available places, the Council apply criteria to decide which children should gain places.

Attending School

As well as educating children, schools provide opportunities for making friends and learning how to get on with people. Children are also encouraged to develop any talents or skills they may have, as well as the essential skills of reading, writing and number.

School Holidays

Wherever possible children should not be removed from school for family holidays

School Catering

School meals offer a selection of freshly cooked main meals and desserts every day, often including pasta, salad, fresh fruit and yoghurt. .

Homework Help

Libraries are a good place to do homework - they have the books and resources, the and the staff on hand to to help if you get stuck - some even have free internet access.

Special Education Needs

Many children, at some time in their school career, will have special educational needs of some kind. The law says that all state schools must do their best to see that proper education is provided for all such children. Most children's needs will be met by their ordinary (mainstream) school, sometimes with the help of outside specialists.

Transferring Schools

It is generally in a child's best interest to remain at the same school. If this is not practical, you should speak to the headteacher of your current school and request a transfer form.

Appealing against a Decision

If your child is not offered a place at your chosen school you have the right to appeal to Essex County Council as education authority - Essex County school appeals pages. telephone 0845 603 7630.

Out of School Care

Out of school care can be provided by childminders, out of school clubs, playgroups etc.