Shipwright's Wood

Hidden at the heart of a steep valley between the A13 and Essex Way is Shipwright's Wood, probably the most beautiful  and varied of the woods of south-east Essex.

The modern wood is part of two ancient woods, still clearly separated by an earth bank. Shipwright's Wood is the wood to the south, bounded by orchards, houses and fields.

Jervis Wood is the northernmost wood, fringing the playing fields, on the edge of a steep slope. Jervis Wood was, until the early nineteenth century, much larger and extended west to Thundersley Glen.

the Woods are owned by Castle Point Borough Council. A woodland walk has been waymarked and there is an equestrian ride linking Shipwright's Drive with Thundersley Glen.

Parts of the wood are quite steep and many of the paths can become muddy and slippery.

the scarps, ridges, slopes, valleys and hollows of Shipwright's wood form a complex pattern of soil conditions creating a varied woodland.

Access from Shipwright's Drive or Thundersley Glen (A13).

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