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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In line with social distancing advice and to protect residents and staff the Council has taken the decision to close the Council offices to the public until further notice.

Whilst the offices are closed to visitors, you are still able to access services and information from this website 24/7.

Information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to access Council Services during this period can be found on our  Coronavirus information page

You are invited to view and contribute to the The Mayor's Covid Record of Reflection

Street Lighting FAQ's

Can you repair the street light outside my property?

Castle Point Borough Council is responsible for the repair and maintenance of street lighting on land it owns such as car parks, parks and open spaces.

Castle Point Borough Council is not responsible for the maintenance of street lighting in Private Streets or Private Roads, the responsibility remains with the local property owners. This may mean that residents will need to conduct further private research to establish who may have responsibility for the lights; things to consider might include local property deeds, land registry records or any historic agreements entered into with the developers of the area.  Regrettably Castle Point Borough Council and Essex County Council are unable to assist further with the ownership of the street lights on these occasions.  

Anyone needing to carry out work on street lights is recommended to use a contractor who is HERS registered. The website is which includes a tab showing registered organizations.

The electrical connection (cable in column) is via the UKPN (electricity board) network. Anything above the electrical cut out (like in a house) can be repaired by a contractor. Normally the electrical supply, the cut out and its enclosed fuse within the street light is the responsibility of the Distribution Network Operators this is UKPN and their website is

For street lights that are the responsibility of Essex Highways (Essex County Council), please contact them on 0845 603 7631 or use the following link