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Application Forms and Current Animal Licensing Fees

Welcome to Application forms and Current Animal Licensing fees section. You can find any information about this section below.

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Fees & Charges 2021/22

Licence Type Fee
Animal Boarding £345.00
Animal Home Boarding £259.00
Doggy Day Care £287.00
Dog Breeding £345.00
Pet Shop £345.00
Small Pet Shop** £173.00
Hiring Horses £345.00
Exhibiting Animals £287.00
Dangerous Wild Animals £287.00
Zoo £1148.00
Variation with premises visit (except small pet shops) £173.00
Variation with premises visit (small pet shops only) £115.00
Variation (paperwork amendment only) £58.00
Transfer of licence £58.00
Re-evaluation of star rating*** £173.00
Kennel Club Scheme Inspection*** £259.00

* Any additional cost incurred by the Council in licensing premises e.g. vet's fees will be passed onto the Licensee.
** Currently up to 250 fish and/or 25 small animals. Please contact Environemntal Health Services 01268 882200 or for further information.
*** Discretionary service subject to resource

Application Forms

Application for providing boarding for cats [pdf] 48KB

Application for dog home boarding [pdf] 177KB

Application for providing boarding in kennels for dogs [pdf] 48KB

Application for Dog Breeding [pdf] 139KB

DWA Licence Application [pdf] 100KB

Application for licence to sell animals as pets [pdf] 53KB

Application Form - Hiring out Horses.pdf [pdf] 194KB

Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition Application [pdf] 140KB