Applying for a transfer

To apply for a transfer, you will have to apply for admission to the transfer list.

The transfer list is a waiting list is for people who are already Council tenants who wish to move to an alternative property.

Who can join the transfer list?

Any Council tenant can apply for a transfer to an alternative property.

We will consider each application for a transfer but you may not be admitted to the transfer list if you have seriously breached your Tenancy Agreement e.g. you have been found guilty of unacceptable conduct such as anti-social behaviour or your rent account is in arrears.

We have also operated a Transfer Incentive Scheme since 1990. If tenants are under-occupying their present home, they are entitled to receive a grant to move to transfer to an alternative property. 

Can I appeal against a decision not to be admitted to the transfer list?

Yes. If you are considered ineligible for admission to the transfer list, we will write to you, confirm our decision, explain the reasons for our decision and explain the procedures for having our decision reviewed.

How do I apply for admission to the transfer list?

You will need to complete and return a Transfer List Application Form [pdf] 94KB to us plus any supporting documents.

If there are any medical or disability conditions which you wish to be considered, please also complete a Medical Assessment Form [pdf] 601KB

Alternatively, you can also obtain the appropriate forms by:-

  • writing to or calling in at the Community Services Department, Council Offices, Kiln Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 1TF 
  • telephoning: 01268 882354 
  • email:
  • Form - Housing Reporting Form Please select "Applying for a Transfer" from the drop down menu on the form to ensure your enquiry is dealt with correctly.

How do I apply for sheltered housing?

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