At the Polling Station

What will happen at the polling station?

When you arrive at the polling station, a member of staff will:

  • Ask you for your name and address so they can find you on the electoral register.
  • Ask for your photo ID and check if it is acceptable.
  • If your ID is acceptable, they will give you your ballot paper and direct you to complete it in a polling booth as usual.

A private area will be available at the polling station, so you can choose to have your photo ID viewed in private if you like.  This might be a separate room, or an area separated by a privacy screen, depending on the polling station.

Please note that you only need to provide your photo ID to a Poll Clerk and/or the Presiding Officer, you do not need to show it to anyone else at the polling station.

Staff at the polling station are there to help.  If you need assistance at any point, please just ask.  Staff will be wearing ‘Poll Clerk’ and ‘Presiding Officer’ badges.