Canvey Island Town Council

What is a Town Council?

  • It is a separate tier of local government and does not replace the Borough or County Council Councillors.
  • Elections are held to appoint town councillors who meet and decide on how to undertake the town council’s functions.
  • It has powers to provide or maintain community facilities. These include allotments, cemeteries and crematoria, bus shelters, litter bins, community centres, war memorials and public open spaces.
  • It is able to comment and lobby on matters of interest to local people.
  • It decides its own budget and sets its own Council Tax which is added and collected over and above the existing Council Tax.
  • Depending on its size, it usually employs administrative staff and has a permanent office from which to operate its affairs.
  • It has access to financial resources that are not available to the Borough Council that can be used to provide facilities in its area.

Canvey Island Town Council Website