About The Council

Castle Point Borough Council covers the areas of Canvey Island, Benfleet, Thundersley and Hadleigh. The Council is a highly complex body, created by statute and responsible for administering significant financial resources.

The Council is one of the largest employers in the Borough with nearly 350 staff of which half are employed directly and the remainder through contracted service providers. The Council provides for and commissions over 150 separate Council Services. Some it has a statutory duty to deliver while others are provided for the well being and benefit of the community.

Other services, including education, social services and highways, are the responsibility of Essex County Council.



The council has set out four priorities in its corporate plan: Economy & Growth; People; Place; and Environment.

Please feel free to contact your Councillors should you have an issue that you feel needs addressing.

The Performance of the Council

The Council has transformed itself in recent years. In 2004 it was one of the eight worst councils in the country and was rated ‘Poor’ by the Audit Commission. In 2007, following many months of recovery, the Council was reassessed as a ‘Good’ Council and was the first in the country to make such an impressive improvement in such a short time. The Council is now regarded as an excellent example of good local government, where best practice is encouraged, exceptional value for money is achieved and services to residents are amongst the best in the country.

Annual Statement of Accounts


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