Council Mayor

 The Mayor of Castle Point Borough Council

Councillor Martin Tucker

The Mayor Of Castle Point Cllr Martin Tucker On Wednesday, 18th May 2022, Councillor Martin Tucker was elected as The Mayor of Castle Point Borough Council for the municipal year 2022-2023.  Councillor Martin Tucker is a Member for the Canvey Island East Ward.  The Mayoress is Mrs Dawn Tucker.

The Mayor’s Biography - Councillor Martin Tucker

Councillor Tucker will also be supported in his role as Mayor by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mrs Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert.  Lynsey is a newly elected Councillor for Appleton Ward. 

On the occasion when the Mayor is unable to attend an engagement due to previous commitments, The Deputy Mayor will attend on behalf of The Mayor.  The Deputy Mayor’s Consort is Paul Calvert.



If you would like to invite the Mayor to your local event, please complete the E-form Request for the Mayor to attend an event, available in the Mayoral Invitations.