Localism Act

The Localism Act seeks to make the aims of the Big Society a reality, setting out a programme of change which aims to transfer power from central government to local councils, communities and individuals on many issues that directly affect their lives. The Act became law in November 2011 but the changes that it makes will be gradually introduced.

Localism is about doing everything at the lowest possible level and only involving central government if absolutely necessary. The vision is that local people will manage and control the community services they want, wherever possible. Councils will enable and support residents and the voluntary and community sector, providing services that local people need but cannot provide themselves.

This programme includes amongst other new Community Rights, the Community Right to Challenge and the Community Right to Bid.

Community Rights
For more information please see the Government’s Community Rights website.
Community Right to Challenge
An overview of the Community Right to Challenge  which was introduced as part of the Localism Act
Community Right to Bid
An overview of the Community Right to Bid, introduced as part of the Localism Act