Garden Waste FAQs



Wheeled bin





Do I have to subscribe to a wheeled bin?

The subscription service is a completely optional service, if you do not wish to move to bins we will only collect waste in the official Castle Point garden waste sacks.


What items will be collected?

For full list click here:

Garden Waste Collection


Are assisted collections available for garden waste bins?

Yes – these will still be available to those who require them


Will garden waste be collected in black sacks that are presented on refuse day?

No – these sacks will be stickered and returned to your property for re-presenting in the correct method of collection

Garden waste will still be taken without change at Recycling Centre for Household Waste, Canvey Road, Canvey Island


Will garden waste will still be taken without charge at Recycling Centre for Household Waste, Canvey Road, Canvey Island?

Yes – there are no changes planned for garden waste at this site


Wheeled bin

When will bins be delivered?

Bin will be delivered within 28 days of your subscription date.


What is the subscription period?

Subscriptions run from April to March.  The subscription ends 31 March whatever time of year the subscription is taken out.


Can I have more than one bin?

Yes – households can have multiple bins - simply request the number of bins that you would when subscribing


What are the dimensions of the bins?

H: 1070mm W: 580mm D: 740mm

Capacity: 240 litres


Do I have to subscribe through the online system?

The process is very simple and secure

We do not currently accept payments by cash or cheque


Can I subscribe to a wheeled bin in instalments?

No – the payment is required to be paid annually in one payment


Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

The subscription runs from April to March, we do not offer refunds if a resident chooses to stop their subscription early.

For full refund policy please see:  *Terms & Conditions - click here[pdf] 159KB


Can I use sacks as well as a bin?

Yes – if you wish to use both methods of collection you can.  You may wish to use sacks as extra capacity if you fill your bin as certain times of the year.


Do I need to use sacks within the bin?

No – all material should remain loose


What happens at the end of the year?

We will contact you asking whether you would like to continue with your subscription – if you do you will simply be asked to pay for another year.  You will be then sent a bin sticker to prove that you have paid.


What is to stop my wheeled bin being stolen?

The wheeled bins will remain the property of the council at all times.

The bin will come with a tamper-proof sticker which identifies the bin to a specific address – if the bin is outside the wrong address it will be removed and returned to the rightful subscriber.

The tamper-proof sticker also has the year written on it to prove payment.


Can I use my own bin?

No – the council will only collect council supplied bins.


Can I share a bin with my neighbour?

Yes – the bin can only be registered to one property though


Will the council be introducing wheeled bins for other service in the future?

No – the council have no plans to extend wheeled bins to other services


What should I do if I move house?

On moving address within the borough of Castle Point the service can be transferred to the new address. The Subscriber should inform the Council in writing (email: of the previous and new address. You can move the bin(s) yourself, or request the Council to move the bin(s), the Council may decide to charge for this.

If you are leaving the borough, or no longer require the bin, please inform us before your moving day and we shall organise collection of the bin.  Failure to do so may result in costs to recover the bin to be charged.  No refund is offered if the subscription is cancelled due to the Subscriber moving property, however long is left on the Subscription period.



Can I use up the old green waste sacks I have previously purchased?

Yes – these will still be collected


Will you still accept bundled material?

Logs or branches up to 7cm (3") in diameter and 1m (3') long will be accepted if tied together with twine, no need to attach a sack.