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Garden waste collection

What can be recycled?

Garden Waste Collection

Recycle your garden waste in many ways:

Garden waste is collected weekly all year around

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Brown wheeled bin

Wheeled bin

Garden waste sack



Bundled waste

Bundled items


Bulky waste collection

Bulky waste collections

Compost bin

Home composting

What waste is collected?


Y  Grass cuttings
Y  Leaves
Y  Twigs and hedge trimmings - up to 7cm (3") in diameter and 1m (3') long (simply bundle together with string/twine)
Y  Dead flowers
Y  Weeds
Y  Old garden plants or houseplants
Y  Windfall fruit
Y  Vegetable patch waste (not vegetable peelings)
Y  Logs or branches up to 7cm (3") in diameter and 1m (3') long.


Not in here

Not in the wheeled bin Not in garden waste sack

N  Gravel / stones
N  Plant pots & seed trays
N  Plastic, glass or metal
N  Soil / compost
N  Kitchen waste including vegetable peelings
N  Pet waste


How to use your garden wheeled bin

How to use your garden waste bin 2024[pdf] 953KB

Garden waste collections guide 2024[pdf] 2MB


What happens to you garden waste?

Castle Point garden waste is processed at a composting site adjacent to Rainham landfill site in the method shown in this video: