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   Garden Waste Bins now £16

Garden Waste

Recycle your Garden Waste in many ways:

Garden Waste is collected weekly all year around - Click item for more information

Brown wheeled bin Garden waste sack Bundled waste  Bulky waste collection Compost bin
Wheeled bin Sacks Bundled items Bulky Waste collections Home Composting


Garden waste What waste is collected?
  Not in black sacks

Garden Waste presented in Black Sacks will not be collected



Brown wheeled bin

Wheeled bin subscription service

Now only £16 per bin

New subscription

Resubscribers - if you are still looking to resubscribe please contact or 01268 882200

Residents can opt into our subscription wheeled bin garden waste collection service:

Brown wheeled bin 2019/20 subscriptions (subscription ends 31 March 2020)
Brown wheeled bin Now only £16per bin for period to 31 March 2020
Brown wheeled bin Bins will be delivered within 28 days of subscription.*a
Brown wheeled bin Subscriptions run April to March, but can be taken up at any time during the year

What are the benefits of having a wheeled bin? 

Y No need to keep buying sacks
Y Price of one bin is cheaper than buying 3 rolls of sacks per year
Y Easier to use than sacks
Y Wheeled bin is more suitable for thorny and twiggy material
Y You subscribe to as many bins you want at the same price
a*Terms & Conditions - click here [pdf] 83KB



Garden waste sack

Garden Waste sack

If you do not wish to subscribe to our yearly wheeled bin collection service you will need to purchase the official Castle Point Borough Council specified garden waste sacks - garden waste sacks purchased from other outlets will not be collected. 

Garden waste sack Sacks guaranteed to last up to 3 weeks while full
Garden waste sack Handles for easier tying
Garden waste sack Sacks are £6 per roll of 20
Garden waste sack Purchase the Castle Point Borough Council specified garden waste sacks from:
Garden waste sack

Purchase from our online shop and get your sacks delivered to your door
(P&P charges apply):


Not in black sacks

Garden Waste presented in Black Sacks will not be collected

Only Castle Point Borough Council brown bins, Council specified garden waste sacks, or bundled waste will be collected.


Bundled waste

Bundled larger items

If you have larger hedge trimmings, or branches these can be bundled together


Logs or branches up to 7cm (3") in diameter and 1m (3') long will be accepted if tied together with twine

Y No need to attach a sack
Y Maximum 2 bundles per collection



Bulky waste collection

Bulky Waste collections

Do you have large quantity of garden waste to recycle?


What is collected? Click here:

Garden Waste

Y Prices start from £35
Y For more information contact:



Compost at Home

Compost at Home

Compost at Home - It’s easy, good for your pocket & great for the environment

Y Make your own free compost which can be spread back on your garden, hanging basket or potted plants
Y Cheap and quick to get started
Y Almost all garden waste can be composted. Some food waste can be composted too!
Y Home composting helps to reduce your carbon footprint

Buy a subsidised compost bin:

Buy a compost bin

6. Take to the Recycling Centre


It is still FREE to take your garden waste to the Recycling Centre for Household Waste, Canvey Road, Canvey Island

Y Recycle other wastes at the same time)

Recycling Centre for Household Waste

What happens to you Garden Waste?