How to present your waste

Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, we require residents to present their household waste for collection in line with the following requirements. Incorrectly presenting your waste may result in a Notice to Occupier and Fixed Penalty Notice, for £80.


General rules

Only the correct refuse & recycling should be presented on your collection day, no earlier than evening prior to the collection day and by 7am on the day of collection. Your waste remains your responsibility until it is collected, even if scavenged.


If your property front is on a road

Present all refuse & recycling sacks, boxes, bins & caddies at the boundary of your property.

If your property front is on a walkway

Present refuse & pink sacks at your collection point and boxes, bins & caddies at the boundary of your property.


More information

Please ensure you check what goes in each bin before presenting your waste for collection.

  • Food packaging must be cleaned of any food prior to placing in Pink Recycling Sack.
  • All glass waste shall be presented in the glass box and must be cleaned before being placed inside.
  • Garden waste will only be collected in one of the council subscription service green waste wheeled bins or council-purchased green waste sacks. We cannot collect garden waste in any other sack or container. Waste contaminated with not items not accepted will not be collected – this includes soil, stones, treated wood, pet waste, kitchen waste, and turf.
  • Twigs, hedge trimmings, branches and logs that can’t be put in a green waste wheeled bin or council-purchased green waste sacks, should be cut to 1-meter (3’) lengths and bundled together with either a Castle Point Borough Council green waste sack or biodegradable twine - maximum of two bundles per collection.

For a full list of rules and requirements see our Waste Rules Notice.pdf


Assisted Collection

We offer assisted collections for elderly/disabled residents who find it difficult to put their bins out. Please email for enquiries about this service.