Gas Safety

Will my gas appliances be checked regularly?

If you are a Council tenant we will arrange for Gas Safety checks to be carried out on the gas appliances in your home every year.

We have a contract with an approved contractor to check and service the gas appliances in your home every year. We arrange this on your behalf and the contractor will contact you at the appropriate time to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

This check and service includes the Council’s appliances e.g. gas boilers and gas fires (it also includes a visual check of your own appliances, e.g. gas cookers).

Annual gas safety checks and services are essential. Unsafe gas appliances can kill. Please ensure that you co-operate with access arrangements to have gas appliances checked and serviced.

If they are unable to gain access they will let us know and we will write to you and remind you that under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement you must provide reasonable access. If access is refused, we may take legal proceedings and forcefully gain entry with a warrant from the County Court and also apply to the County Court for a Possession Order.

Why should my gas appliances be checked?

The Council are under a statutory obligation to ensure that your gas appliance is tested every year. This is for your own safety and ensures that you are not at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning. You should ensure that:

•You never use a gas appliance if you think it is not working properly.

•You never block or obstruct any fixed ventilation  grilles or air bricks.

•You never block or cover outside flues.

Telephone our Repairs Section on 01268 882326 immediately if there is a problem with your gas appliances.

If you have a gas leak you should phone National Grid UK immediately on 0800 111 999.