Glass Recycling

Mixed Glass Bottles

use it! rinse it! box it!

Simply rinse your empty glass bottles or jars put in yellow recycling box. Position your box at the edge of your property, separate from your rubbish, by 7am on your collection day

You can leave your cap on

Glass you can recycle in your box:

Y All colour glass bottles (e.g. beer, wine, spirit)
Y All colour glass jars (e.g. jam, cook-in sauce, baby food)
Y Broken glass bottles and jars
N Flat glass & mirrors
N Windows & windscreens
N Drinking glasses
N Pyrex


Lost your recycling box?

Yellow box

Lost, need or want additional recycling boxes?

Telephone 01268 882200 or email and a new one will be delivered to you.

Alternatively a new recycling box can be collected from Council Offices, Kiln Road, Benfleet SS7 1TF.


What happens to your glass?