Housing Services Message

We are currently running a Housing Allocation Policy Consultation until 4th March – we would welcome your comments.

Housing Contacts

Housing Management Officers -  Please contact your HMO with issues relating to anti social behaviour, mediation, mutual exchanges, tenancy terminations, tenancy audits, support or any other issues directly relating to your tenancy.

If you are unsure who your Housing Management Officer is please call 01268 882200 or email TenancyOfficers@castlepoint.gov.uk

Resident Involvement - Please speak to your Housing Management Officer with issues relating to the newsletter, complaints, the tenant or leaseholder forums, estate inspections, fly-tipping, surveys, or support. The officers can be reached via email at TenancyOfficers@castlepoint.gov.uk

Any repairs or maintenance issues should be reported on 01268 882326 - always check that the repair is our responsibility before calling. Your tenants handbook will inform you of which repairs you are responsible for in your property. Alternatively if you can view and download the relevant booklet here:  Repairs and Maintenance - Book Three[pdf] 341KB

If you need support or information relating to bidding, applications, the housing register or transfers, or our sheltered schemes please call 01268 882335.

Garages - please call 01268 882339 - we have a waiting list for available garages in Castle Point.

If you have any issues surrounding homelessness please contact our Housing Options team on 01268 882200.