How to Claim

Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support

  • Click here to complete an Online Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support Claim Form
  • In Person, please come in and complete an online application form
  • You may find it helpful to have an email address, after completing your online application you will automatically be emailed with the evidence needed to support your claim.

Discretionary Housing Payments

  • The Discretionary Housing Payment scheme is to assist Housing Benefit claimants who may need further help with their housing costs.
  • The council receives some money from the Government towards the Discretionary Housing Payment scheme. The amount we can spend is limited and not everyone who claims a Discretionary Housing Payment will be given assistance.

IT Support Sessions

If you would like support to increase your knowledge or skills, so you may be more IT confident please  see a IT Programme showing a timetable on what is available across the borough for free. 

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