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Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976

Small Lotteries

A small lottery includes a sweepstake or draw by societies for raising money for one of the following purposes, otherwise than for private gain, by selling pre-printed tickets to the public before the date of the draw:

a.  Charitable purposes
b.  Participation in or support of athletic sports or games or cultural activities
c.  Purposes which are not described in a or b above but are purposes neither for private gain nor of any commercial undertaking

The whole proceeds of a society's lottery, after the deduction of amounts for expenses and prizes, must be applied to the purposes of the society.

Where a small lottery (raffle) is conducted at a private event and the tickets are sold at that event, the draw takes place at that event and the prizes are distributed at that event then there is no need for the lottery to be registered.

How much can I charge per ticket or chance?

The price of every ticket distributed or sold must be the same and must be stated on the ticket.

Monetary Limits

You must apply a minimum of 20% of the gross proceeds of each lottery to the purposes of the society. Up to a maximum of 80% of the gross proceeds of each lottery may be divided between prizes and the expenses of the lottery.

• The maximum prize in a small society lottery is £25,000

• Roll-overs are permitted provided the maximum single prize limit is not breached.
• No lottery may operate in such a way that a player can win a prize greater than the statutory prize limit.
• No lottery may be linked to any other lottery in such a way that a person who wins a prize in one also wins a prize in another, unless the aggregate of those prizes is less than or equal to the statutory prize limit.

Can I sell tickets anywhere?

Tickets in society and local authority lotteries promoted under the licence from the Commission must not be sold to any person in a street.  Tickets may be sold by a person in a kiosk or shop premises (having no space for the accommodation of customers) or from door to door.  No ticket or chance can be sold by any persons under the age of 16.

Is there a limit of the number of events that can be held?

Once registered there is not a limit on the amount of events that can take place, providing that the aggregate proceeds of all the lotteries promoted by a society in a year do not exceed £250,000.

How long does the registration last?

Registration is indefinite if the annual fee is paid each year

How much is the fee?

The application fee is £40.00 and the Annual fee is £20.00

What happens if I am selling cloakroom tickets on the date of the event?

As long as the ticket sales and draw are conducted on the same day, and the prizes similarly distributed then a small lottery licence is not required.

Am I required to make financial returns?

Returns of monies raised and information on how these monies were distributed must be made to the Licensing Authority within three (3) months.