Monitoring Reports

Annual Monitoring Report

The Annual Monitoring Report is prepared each year and addresses the following matters:

  1. Progress in preparing planning policy documents against the programme set out in the Local Development Scheme;
  2. Performance in terms of the delivery of development over the preceding year, in particular the delivery of new housing;
  3. A housing trajectory identifying the assessed supply of land for housing provision in the future; and
  4. Information on the effectiveness of planning policies having regard to output indicators and appeal decisions.

Annual Monitoring Reports

Reference Document
CP/22/001/a Annual Monitoring Report April 2004 - March 2005 [pdf] 472KB
CP/22/001/b Annual Monitoring Report April 2005 - March 2006 [pdf] 797KB
CP/22/001/c Annual Monitoring Report April 2006 - March 2007 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/001/d Annual Monitoring Report April 2007 - March 2008 [pdf] 478KB
CP/22/001/e Annual Monitoring Report April 2008 - March 2009 [pdf] 705KB
CP/22/001/f Annual Monitoring Report April 2009 - March 2010 [pdf] 2MB
CP/22/001/g Annual Monitoring Report April 2010 - March 2011 [pdf] 73KB
CP/22/001/h Annual Monitoring Report April 2011 - March 2012 [pdf] 156KB
CP/22/001/i Annual Monitoring Report April 2012 - March 2013 [pdf] 212KB
CP/22/001/j Annual Monitoring Report April 2013 - March 2014 [pdf] 450KB
CP/22/001/k Annual Monitoring Report April 2014 - March 2015 [pdf] 415KB
CP/22/001/l Annual Monitoring Report April 2015 - March 2016 [pdf] 1017KB
CP/22/001/m Annual Monitoring Report April 2016 - March 2017 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/001/n Annual Monitoring Report April 2017 - March 2018 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/001/o Authority Monitoring Report April 2018 - March 2020 [pdf] 2MB
CP/22/001/p Authority Monitoring Report April 2020 - March 2021 [pdf] 837KB
CP/22/001/q Authority Monitoring Report April 2021 - March 2022 [pdf] 1MB

Housing Market Reports

The conditions in the housing market can impact on the delivery of homes. Therefore, the TGSE Partnership prepares on a quarterly basis a Housing Market Report using Hometrack Data for the authorities within the sub-region. Copies of these reports can be viewed below:


Housing Market Reports

Reference Document
CP/22/002/a Hometrack Reports prepared for TGSE - Castle Point Key Facts April 2009 [pdf] 109KB
CP/22/002/b Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2009 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/c Hometrack Quarterly Report July 2009 [pdf] 708KB
CP/22/002/d Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2009 [pdf] 506KB
CP/22/002/e Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2010 [pdf] 533KB
CP/22/002/f Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2010 [pdf] 720KB
CP/22/002/g Hometrack Quarterly Report. July 2010 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/h Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2010 [pdf] 672KB
CP/22/002/j Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2011 [pdf] 636KB
CP/22/002/k Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2011 [pdf] 622KB
CP/22/002/l Hometrack Quarterly Report July 2011 [pdf] 966KB
CP/22/002/m Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2011 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/n Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2012 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/o Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2012 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/p Hometrack Quarterly Report July 2012 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/q Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2012 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/r Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2013 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/s Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2013 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/t Hometrack Quarterly Report July 2013 [pdf] 988KB
CP/22/002/u Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2013 [pdf] 1020KB
CP/22/002/v Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2014 [pdf] 988KB
CP/22/002/w Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2014 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/x Hometrack Quarterly Report July 2014 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/y Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2014 [pdf] 1MB
CP/22/002/z Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2015 [pdf] 1024KB
CP/22/002/aa Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2015 [pdf] 833KB
CP/22/002/ab Hometrack Quarterly Report July 2015 [pdf] 828KB
CP/22/002/ac Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2015 [pdf] 721KB
CP/22/002/ad Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2016 [pdf] 734KB
CP/22/002/ae Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2016 [pdf] 799KB
CP/22/002/af Hometrack Quarterly Report July 2016 [pdf] 592KB
CP/22/002/ag Hometrack Quarterly Report October 2016 [pdf] 678KB
CP/22/002/ah Hometrack Quarterly Report January 2017 [pdf] 611KB
CP/22/002/ai Hometrack Quarterly Report April 2017 [pdf] 754KB