Non-recyclable waste

non-recyclables Every residence in Castle Point has a black-bag collection. This service is ONLY for all NON-RECYCLABLE material and is collected fortnightly

Waste you that will not be collected as refuse

N Items too large for a black sack
N Paint
N Oil
N Broken glass
N Liquids (inc. engine oil & kitchen oil)
N Gas cylinders or fire extinguishers
N Plaster board
N Soil, stones or rubble
N Tyres

Items that don't fit in a black sack can be taken to the Recycling Centre for Household Waste

Recycling Centre for Household Waste

Sack Delivery

Black Bag Each property only receives one free roll of black sacks, equivalent to one sack per week. The delivery takes place every Spring. In the meantime you can use any purchased reufse liner to present your waste in.