Photo Requirements

You must supply a recent photo of your head and shoulders, with your face uncovered, as part of this application.

If applying by paper form it’s recommended to write your name, house number and postcode on the back of your photo.

Your photo must be:

  • clear and in focus
  • in colour
  • against a plain, light-coloured background
  • your true likeness, with no photoshop or filters
  • at least 45 x 35 mm (height x width) in size, and no bigger than 297 x 210 mm (height x width)
  • undamaged (e.g. not torn, creased, or marked)

In your photo you must:

  • face forwards and look straight at the camera
  • be alone, with no other objects or people
  • have a plain expression
  • have eyes open and visible, with no hair in front of them
  • not wear sunglasses, but normal glasses are fine if you typically wear them
  • not have a head covering (except for religious or medical reasons)
  • not have ‘red-eye’, glare or shadows over your face

If you have ticked the box on page 3 to say you have a disability, the photo you supply:

  • doesn’t need to have a plain expression
  • doesn't need to have your eyes open and visible