Redecoration allowances

Who to contact

If you have any queries about redecoration allowances please contact the Housing Maintenance Team by:

Telephone: 01268 882326

Email: .

What is a redecoration allowance?

Council properties may require redecorating after the vacation of the previous tenant.

Rather than carry out the redecoration work itself, the Council offers new tenants a redecoration allowance to use as assistance in purchasing decorating materials. The benefit of this is that tenants are then able to redecorate the property to their own taste.

How is a redecoration allowance calculated?

Redecoration allowances are a set amount based upon property type and size.

When a Council property becomes empty it is inspected and it is at this point that the redecoration allowance is assessed.

How will my redecoration allowance be issued?

When you are allocated and sign up for a property, you will be advised by one of our Housing Management Officers of the redecoration allowance that is available.

Redecoration allowances are awarded on a 50/50 basis i.e. you will be issued with a cheque for half of the redecoration allowance up front, when you accept the tenancy of the property, and the remainder will be issued upon satisfactory inspection of the works done.

Approximately 4 - 6 weeks after your tenancy begins you will be visited by one of your Housing Officers. During this visit the officer will query any redecoration you have undertaken. If the officer is satisfied that the redecoration allowance is being used appropriately, they will arrange the second part of the allowance to be released. If you begin decorating after this visit, then please contact the Housing Management Team to arrange a visit on:

Phone: 01268 88 2200 (Option 6) (asking for Housing Management)

Are there any time limits when claiming allowances?

When you sign your Tenancy Agreement, you will be required to sign an agreement that you will contact us when redecorating works are completed and that you agree to a 6 month time limit during which you can claim the second half of the allowance.

If you do not make a claim within 6 months of taking up your tenancy, you will not be entitled to the second half of the redecoration allowance awarded to you and you will be notified accordingly if you make a claim after that time has elapsed.