Reminder Notice

Last updated 25.04.23 16:45

Payment Options


You will receive a Reminder if you fail to pay your instalments in accordance with the original demand notice.

If you receive a Reminder, you are required to bring your account up to date by paying the outstanding amount within 7 days.

If you fail to do this, you will receive a Final Notice and the full balance will become due within 14 days.

If you are struggling to pay

Check if you are entitled to a Discount  or Council Tax Reduction . This may reduce the debt and make it easier for you to manage payments.

If you normally pay over 10 months, consider asking to pay over 12 months instead, making it easier for you to manage payments. You can do this by setting up a Direct Debit.

Pay as much of the arrears as you can. Paying anything less than the full amount will not stop your debt progressing to a Final Notice.

Consider getting independent debt advice. You can do this by contacting Peabody.

For more support, see our Cost of Living pages.