Stray Dogs

A stray dog is any unattended dog on public land, or any unattended dog on private land where it is not permitted to be.

Report a Stray Dog

If you take possession of a stray dog, it is likely that you will be able to identify the dog and the owner from it's collar ID.

Section 150 of the Environmental Protect Act places a duty on any person who takes possession of a stray dog to either return the dog to its owner or inform the local authority of where the dog was found.

It is an offence under this act if the finder of a stray dog fails to comply with these duties and attempts to keep a stray dog.

If you live within the Castle Point area and have taken possession of a stray dog, please contact our nominated Kennels, Acres Way to arrange collection of the stray.

You can contact Acres Way on telephone: 01268 770402, 10am until 3pm 7 days a week. Closing times are from 12pm on bank holidays and on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

During out of hours you can contact Acres Way on telephone: 0800 833 162.

Advice for Owners of Lost Dogs

Strays found within Castle Point area may have been collected by our nominates Kennels, Acres Way. If you have lost your dog you may wish to contact Acres Way who may know of its whereabouts.

You will need to give Acres Way a detailed description of your dog, what the dogs collar looks like (if any) and whether it has been microchipped.

Any detained stray dog will be transported to Acres Way and will be kept for 7 clear days. If the stray dog is claimed by the owner within 7 days, a fixed fee plus kennelling and all other costs will be required to be paid to the kennels before the dog can be released. If unclaimed after that period of time it will be rehomed or otherwise disposed of.

Dog Collar Tags and Microchipping

It is a legal requirement for your dog to wear a collar and identity tag while on a highway or in a public place. The tag must have your current contact details.

It is also a legal requirement for all dogs in England to be microchipped and registered with their keepers contact details by the time they are 8 weeks of age. Many veterinary practices and kennels carry out dog microchipping. They do charge a fee and costs will vary.