Anti Social Behaviour - enforcement

The Council believes that taking action against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour sends a clear message to other tenants and leaseholders that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

The Council will as far as possible take action against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour rather than transfer tenant(s) affected by anti-social behaviour to alternative accommodation.

Legal action will always be taken as a last resort since it is recognised that the Court will want to be satisfied that all other methods to tackle anti-social behaviour have been seriously explored or have been tried and failed.

The Council will refer criminal cases to the Police to deal with but will also work with them as appropriate or necessary to collect intelligence and evidence in pursuing prosecutions for anti-social behaviour.

Every effort will be made to identify perpetrators of anti-social behaviour and appropriate action will be taken. This may include any of the following:

  • Enforcement of the Tenancy Agreement
  • Possession proceedings
  • Demotion of secure tenancy
  • Injunctions
  • Possession proceedings combined with injunctions
  • Community Protection Notices
  • Tackling racism