Hospital Discharge

If you have nowhere to live when you are discharged from hospital, you should inform hospital staff as soon as possible as they have a duty to refer you to a council for help and support with housing. It is much easier to find the housing and support you need if a referral is made at the earliest point possible.

If your health conditions make you significantly vulnerable, the Council may have to duty to provide emergency accommodation when you leave hospital. 

If you are referred to this Council by a health professional, the Housing Options team will carry out a detailed assessment your situation and draw up a Personal Housing Plan, which will clearly outline the steps you need to take in order to obtain suitable/affordable housing and the assistance we will provide you in order to achieve this.

If you need care upon your discharge from hospital, this will need to be organised by The Health Service and Social Care. In some circumstances, they may also have a duty to provide housing, such as if you need residential care of if you are owed a Section 117 duty under the Mental Health Act and need supported housing.