Housing Management and mediation

What about family members and visitors?

As a Council tenant or leaseholder you are responsible under the terms of your tenancy or lease agreement for the behaviour of your household, visitors and pets. Your tenancy or lease could be placed at risk if these conditions are broken. A copy of your tenancy agreement terms and conditions can be obtained from your Housing Management Officer, who can also answer any queries you have about your obligations. Terms of a lease agreement can be obtained directly from the Legal Team.

Mediation Services

Mediation is an independent, confidential service designed to help people in a dispute to resolve their differences. Some situations can be resolved by mediation. In that event, we will refer the complaint to an organisation called The Mediation & Advice Project if all parties agree. This service is free and independent.

The Mediation and Advice Project, a social enterprise company, has been engaged to provide the service which involves sessions of up to two hours led by a fully trained mediator.  On average it takes two sessions for those involved to open up and come to a mutual agreement to settle their differences.

Mediation can help any individuals to seek agreement with the help of an impartial third party – the Mediator.

The Mediator is there to help you communicate with the other party and will ensure all parties are able to express their own views, helping everyone to come to a mutual agreement and settle their differences.

The meetings are entirely informal and completely confidential and can be held at a venue to suit both parties or over the telephone.  

Residents in dispute with their neighbours can refer the issue for mediation.  

For further information or advice or to refer an issue for mediation, please contact:

The Mediation and Advice Project

Mediation Hotline:01702 567095  Email: themedadproject@cpcab.org.uk

The aim of mediation is to resolve disputes quickly and effectively with full agreement from all those involved, and without the need for further action to be taken.

What situations can be referred?

Mediation can help resolve disagreements over noise, boundaries, youth nuisance, parking, pets, rubbish and shared space and lifestyle differences. If you would like to resolve a situation through mediation please contact the Housing Management Team.

Solving noise problems

If you are concerned about the noise levels coming from a neighbour, then often the best way to deal with the problem is to go to the source and talk to the person causing the problem.

Most problems can be solved amicably without the need for further action. You may feel anxious about approaching your neighbour but remember they may be genuinely unaware that they are the source of the problem.  When approached, often they will be embarrassed about the nuisance they have been causing and will be more considerate in the future. It is important to do this as early as possible before the problem escalates out of control.