Housing Services Message

We are currently running a Housing Allocation Policy Consultation until 4th March – we would welcome your comments.

Housing Printable Forms

Click on the form required to open or save a copy to your computer:
Housing Register Application [pdf] 3MB  - Use this form to apply for housing in Castle Point.
Mutual Exchange form [pdf] 194KB   - Use this form to mutually exchange with another tenant (whether in Castle Point or another Borough).
Existing Tenant Application for Transfer/Transfer Incentive Scheme Form [pdf] 117KB  - Use this form if you are an existing Castle Point Council tenant and wish to transfer to another property within castle point.
Medical Assessment Form [pdf] 601KB  - Use this form with regards to how your health is affected at your current address.
Sheltered Accomodation Application Form [pdf] 75KB   - Use this form if you are aged 60 or above and wish to apply for Sheltered accommodation within Castle Point. You must also complete a Housing Register Application Form if not already on the Housing Register.
Change of Circumstances / Renewal Form [pdf] 187KB   - Use this form to advise us of any changes, such as in address or family details and for the annual renewal/review of your Housing Register application.
Tenancy Termination Form [pdf] 146KB  - Use this form to advise us that you wish to leave your home and cancel your council tenancy.

Please take care completing these forms and ensure you supply the appropriate supporting documents.

Completed forms should be returned to:
Housing and Communities
Castle Point Borough Council
Kiln Road
Essex SS7 1TF.