How do I Submit a Right to Buy Application.

The first step in the Right to Buy process is to complete, sign and return both the Right to Buy RTB1 form and the additional information form to Castle Point Borough Council.

Your application will be reviewed, and you will receive confirmation of your Right to Buy or notification that you do not have a Right to Buy (RTB2 Form).
You should receive this notice within 4 weeks (or within 8 weeks if you have not been a tenant of Castle Point Borough Council for 2 years).

If the RTB2 Form states that you do not have the right to buy your home, you will be told why, and you will be entitled to get independent advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or from a solicitor. In some circumstances you can ask the Department of Communities and Local Government to decide if our decision is correct or not.

If your Right to Buy application is accepted you will no longer be able to receive non-emergency repairs to your home as this could affect any valuation. If at any time you withdraw your Right to Buy application in writing, your right to repairs and maintenance of your home will be reinstated from the date of receipt of your letter.