Right to Buy

As a Castle Point Borough Council secure tenant, you can apply to buy your home. Most Council tenants are able to apply to purchase the property in which they live at a discounted price, this is called the “Right to Buy”.

Make sure you research the costs associated with owning your own home such as:
  • Legal costs (solicitor’s fees for conveyancing).
  • Structural survey, Valuation, Land Registry fees.
  • Stamp Duty.
  • The cost of a mortgage includ. Mortgage Payment Protection insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Repairs and maintenance.
  • Service charges (tenants buying a flat).
The government introduced a new service in August 2014 to assist potential and existing applicants called the Right to Buy Agent Service. The aim of the Agent service is to compliment the service which landlords currently provide by giving tenants who request it information on Right to Buy, enabling them to make informed choices. They will try to help tenants to understand and assess the potential costs of home ownership as well as the benefits.  Further information on this service can be found at:
Before you consider applying under the Right to Buy scheme, we recommend that you research the price of similar properties in the area, through the use of popular property websites.
It would also be useful at this stage to read the government guides on the Right to Buy Scheme.
If the property in which the tenant lives is a flat then the tenant would become a leaseholder, whereby the tenant would own the flat, but be liable to pay annual service charges to the Council in respect of communal facilities such as communal repairs, lighting, grounds maintenance and insurance. This is because the structure of the building and any communal passageways or grounds remain the property of the Council. 
It would  be advisable to have a look at the governmnent-funded Leasehold Advisory Service website for further guidance on becoming a leaseholder.