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Castle Point Cabinet Announced

The new Cabinet for Castle Point Borough Council has been announced by Leader Cllr David Blackwell.

The appointments follow the local elections on May 4, at which the Canvey Island Independent Party and the People’s Independent Party increased their number of seats on the Council. As a result, they will continue to govern as a coalition for the coming year.


The Cabinet will set the direction of the Council and be responsible for taking its most important decisions. 

At the Council’s Annual Meeting on (Thursday, 17 May), Cllr Blackwell was returned as Leader of the Council. Cllr Warren Gibson will serve as Deputy Leader, as well as continuing to hold Cabinet Member responsibilities for Strategic Planning.  


The following Cabinet appointments were also made.

  • Cabinet Member for Resources (Finance) – Cllr Steve Mountford
  • Cabinet Member for Special Projects – Cllr Tom Gibson
  • Cabinet Member for People and Community – Cllr Russ Savage
  • Cabinet Member for People, Health, Wellbeing and Housing – Cllr Carol Sach
  • Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Growth – Cllr Barry Palmer
  • Cabinet Member for Waste and Environmental Health – Cllr Mike Fuller


Cllr Blackwell said: “our coalition achieved a great deal in our first year in office and I am looking forward to building on this with the support of the new Deputy Leader, Cllr Warren Gibson.

“I am pleased to have been able to appoint an experienced team to my Cabinet. They share my passion for the borough and for delivering the best for our community.

“At a time when people are struggling with rising bills, we are all committed to supporting our residents in every way we can through the vital services our Council provides.

“The Portfolios are designed around the Council’s key priorities key council priorities, all of which have the people of Castle Point as their focus.”