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Energy Bills Support Scheme – Beware of scams

On 21 September, the government announced further details on the separate Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) to ensure that the £400 discount to households starting from October will also be available to the 1% of households who would not otherwise have received this support.

Additional funding will be made available so that £400 payments will be extended to include people such as park home residents and those tenants whose landlords pay for their energy via a commercial contract.

Electricity suppliers will deliver the EBSS to households automatically over six months from October 2022 so consumers do not need to apply for the discount, do not need to register or share any details with anyone.

The government is urging consumers to stay alert of potential scams and report these to the relevant authorities where they are suspected.

If individuals receive a message that asks for their bank details or to click on a link, it is very important that they report it promptly. Individuals are encouraged to send a screen shot of the message to and to




Report internet scams and phishing: