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Message from the Mayor of Castle Point Council Councillor Colin Riley and the Leader of the Council Councillor Norman Smith


Since Thursday 5th November 2020 lasting until Wednesday 2nd December 2020 National coronavirus restrictions are in place across the whole of England.

We recognise that many of our residents and businesses have concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.  Some of our more vulnerable residents are still shielding, whilst other residents and businesses are dealing with the effects of the pandemic on their financial wellbeing.  We would like to reassure you that Castle Point Council is working with the Government, NHS, other councils, and community groups to keep people safe and restart the local economy safely.

Castle Point Council is continuing to ensure vital services remain available to our residents through this lockdown, in line with government guidance and where needed are adapting services and putting additional measures in place so that they can keep running.

We are in a much stronger position than the first lockdown back in March - we know what works and are moving quickly to implement the appropriate Government guidance, as we receive it.

We are working to ensure the funding support announced by Government is passed on as soon as possible to the community and businesses to provide support at this difficult time.

We would like to thank our residents, businesses and employees for their patience and remind everyone that the most important thing is that we all play our part, follow the rules and stick to social distancing guidance - if we do, it will mean we exit this second lockdown quickly and look forward to enjoying Christmas with our loved ones. But we can only do this by working together.

Please visit the Councils’ web site or Essex County Council’s web site in the first instance if you have any queries as our website contents are regularly updated.

We must keep on protecting each other. HANDS FACE SPACE