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Urban Capacity Brief Agreed

Research which will play a key role in determining where development should take place in Castle Point up to 2050 has been given the go ahead.

Councillors on the Castle Point Plan Board set out the parameters for Council’s Urban Capacity Assessment and approved undertaking the study at their January meeting.

The assessment will identify all sites outside the district’s green belt which have the potential to be developed for housing, business and community use in the coming years.

Cllr Warren Gibson, Chair of the Castle Point Plan Board said: “The information this assessment provides will form part of the bedrock on which the new Castle Point Plan is built.”

“If we can show there is enough land outside of the green belt for development that evidence adds significant weight to our argument that the green belt can and should be protected.” 

 “While we are keen to respect the character of the built-up areas of our borough, we know that further development can be undertaken in these areas and this assessment will ensure we can maximise the use of urban space.”

Research work will take place in the coming months with a report going back the Castle Point Plan Board in the Autumn 2023.

The assessment is the first in a series of projects which will inform the development of the Castle Point Plan.

Once complete, the plan will act as a framework to meet the boroughs needs up to 2050. It will be kept under regular review to ensure it continues to meet the borough’s needs.

The Council is keen to hear from as many people as possible on the new plan. If you would like to give you views and be kept up to date as the plan develops please email