Noise FAQ's

The noise from building work close by is causing a problem, can anything be done about it?

Complaints about noise from building works and construction sites can be investigated under noise nuisance legislation or The Control of Pollution Act.

The Enviromental Health Section will deal with these complaints. If the site has planning permission then there may also be a planning condition restricting hours of work. For further information on Construction Noise


There is a noise / constant noise that is upsetting me (e.g. a dog barking, drilling, general DIY, music being played too loud or too late), what can you do about it?

  1. We would firstly advise that you discuss the problem with the person creating the noise and try to compromise.
  2. If this is not successful contact Castle Point Borough Council, Environmental Health Services Team.
  3. Keep detailed records about the noise problem. These may be used in court proceedings.
  4. Be prepared to attend court to give evidence.
  5. If we can't resolve the problem, consider taking your own action.

For more information on all of these use the following link. Noise Complaints