Planning Enforcement

Permitted development

Neighbours can often be concerned by developments taking place in their street or neighbourhood which they know nothing about.

Often these developments are permitted development and do not require planning consent. To qualify as permitted development the works must comply with certain rules regarding height, size and location.

For more information regarding what constitutes permitted development, please refer to the Planning Portal. For more in-depth criteria, please see the Technical Guidance.

Any development that does not meet the criteria regarding permitted development must have planning permission. Should the development not meet the permitted development criteria the Council would consider whether it is appropriate to take enforcement action, taking into account the adverse impacts of the development.

Breach of condition, unauthorised use, untidy sites:

Enforcement action may also be taken against a breach of condition on a planning consent, unauthorised uses and untidy sites.

Reporting a breach:

If you believe that a development is unauthorised or breaches a planning condition, please report it online by completing the online form below. The form must be completed fully providing as much information as is possible. 

Diary Form

It is not possible for us to investigate an enforcement matter if we do not have sufficient information. If we require additional information, we will advise you what is required and we may ask you to complete a diary of incidents to demonstrate the alleged breach.

If we require any further information, the complaint will not be logged until an additional form has been received.


Please be aware, due to the high level of enforcement notifications we are not able to give updates on individual cases. Enforcement matters can take some time to resolve however we will endeavour to inform you of the outcome of the enforcement complaint when the matter has been concluded.

Enforcement Notices

The list of enforcement notices below may not be fully up to date due to the ongoing nature of enforcement work. An up to date copy of the register is available to view by appointment at the councils offices