Planning Enforcement

Neighbours can often be concerned by developments taking place in their street or neighbourhood which they know nothing about.

Often these developments are permitted development and do not require planning consent. Out of courtesy people are encouraged to advise their neighbours of such works to prevent alarm.

In some instances the development may require planning consent. Where this is the case the Council will ask the developer to submit a planning application before enforcement action is taken.

Where a planning application is not made, the Council will consider whether it is appropriate to take enforcement action, taking into account the adverse impacts of the development.

Where enforcement action is considered necessary, the authority of the Development Control Committee will be sought to take action.

Enforcement action will be taken following legal procedures and may ultimately result in a development having to be removed.

Reporting unlawful development

Enforcement action may also be taken against unauthorised uses, breach of condition on a planning consent and untidy sites.

If you believe that a development is unauthorised, or breaches a planning condition please report it online by completing this form

Enforcement Notices