Trees and Hedges


The Borough contains a number of Ancient Woodlands and individual trees which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders. To undertake work to an area of woodland or an individual tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order it is necessary to make an application to the Council.

In some circumstances a licence from the Forestry Commission may also be required to fell trees. Further information on this, and trees in general, can be found at

It is illegal to undertake such work to trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order without the consent of the Council.

It is an offence to fell trees without a licence where one is required.

Further information and the application process can be found on the Planning Portal

High Hedges

Part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 came into force on the 1st June 2005 allowing neighbours to make formal complaints about high hedges.

The legislation covers hedges that consist of more than one evergreen tree in a row, at more than 2 metres in height, and which cause an barrier to light or access.

Neighbours are required to have taken all reasonable steps to solve their hedge dispute before complaining to the Council. These steps should have been taken within the four months preceding the application. These steps may include approaching the hedge owner, writing to the hedge owner, mediation and informing the hedge owner of the intention to complain to the Council.

Government Guidance on dealing with issues associated with high hedges can be found in Over the Garden Hedge.

It is advisable to also read High Hedges: Complaining to the Council before completing the application form below. It should also be noted that a location plan, the correct fee of £400 and any necessary evidence including a photograph should accompany any complaint.