Pre Application Meetings and Advice

The local planning authority regrets that its pre-application service is currently closed other than for major and strategic categories of development.

It is often a good idea to ask for a written evaluation of your proposal or, in certain cases, meet a planning officer for an informal discussion before you submit a planning application. This service will give you advice about whether the Council are likely to grant planning permission for your proposals. There is great value of early engagement  with agents and developers as part of the development management approach to facilitating acceptable development.

For more information please read the Pre-application guidance notes v4.pdf [pdf] 256KB or see the Planning Portal

There is a charge for the pre-application service. Details of the charges can be found below, in the guidance notes and on the application form.

How to request pre application advice:

  • Complete the online Pre Application Request Form
  • Pay the  relevant fee (by debit/credit card only) Customer Services 01268 882200

    (For strategic developments you will need to submit your request online and the officer will inform you of the fee once determined)

  • Email the ‘location and site plans/sketch or indicative plans of the proposal. to  (Please note this is is not an email address for general enquiries)
  • For major schemes additional supporting studies & information will be required) 

Pre-application guidance notes v4.pdf [pdf] 256KB


Category of Development Pre application written advice Further advice
Householder cases (e.g. alterations and/or extensions to houses, garages or other outbuildings) £185 £125
Small scale development (1 new dwelling or alterations and extensions to commercial premises of up to 999 sq.m. of floorspace) £370 £125
Minor development (2 to 9 new dwellings or extensions to commercial premises from 1,000 to 1,999 sq.m. of floorspace) £615 £245
Major development (10 to 99 new dwellings or extensions to commercial premises from 2,000 to 4,999 sq.m. of floorspace) £1530 £1020
Strategic development (100 or more new dwellings or extensions to commercial premises from 5,000 sq.m. of floorspace) Individually