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Accessing Council Services:  

By accessing our wide range of 24/7 online services
By emailing directly to the relevant service
By phoning First Contact on 01268 882200 (8.45am to 5.15pm Mon to Thurs, and to 4.45pm on Fri). 
By pre-booked appointment at the Kiln Road office (9.00am to 4.00pm Mon to Fri) - these can be arranged by phoning First Contact on 01268 882200.

Refuse Collection



Can I have an Assisted Collection form?

Please Note: This service is only for an elderly / disabled resident who has difficulty in putting out their refuse / recycling.

Please contact us (including your name and address), or telephone us on 01268 882200 so that we can send the form to you.

Alternatively you can visit the Street Scene Section at the Council Offices, Kiln Road, Benfleet, SS7 1TF to collect one.

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When will my bulky waste be collected?

You will be told a collection date when you book your collection.  If your waste is not been collected on this day please e-mail us (including your name and telephone number), or telephone us on 01268 882200 so that we can investigate.

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Can you collect rubbish, large items, settees, chairs, fridges etc from my home (e.g. bulky waste)?

We provide a bulky waste service of household items of waste e.g. tables, chairs, beds etc.

Please see the link below for more information:

Bulky Waste Icon

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If I buy a wheelie bin will the refuse collectors empty it?

No - because we maintain a black bag collection service. We have no plans to provide a wheeled bin collection service for refuse at present.  But you can store your waste in a wheeled bin if you chose.  If you choose to store your black bags in a bin it must be removed from the bin before collection by our Refuse Collection Service.

Please ensure that your refuse if out for 7.00 am on your day of collection.

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Why don't you provide a wheelie bin service?

Because we are committed to recycling. Research has shown that wheelie bins actually increase waste and reduce recycling.  We maintain a black bag collection service and have no plans at this point in time to adopt wheelie bins for refuse collection.

We do however, supply different bags / containers for various waste items so that you can recycle.

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Where can I purchase black refuse sacks?

They can be purchased from any supermarket, market or shop.
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When will the next delivery of sacks be?

Pink & Black sack annual delivery - Deliveries will start in early October and continue through November, if you have not received your sacks please email

Each property receives one free roll of 26 black sacks, two rolls of 39 pink sacks per year.

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Will I receive a calendar and recycling guide with the annual delivery?

Our Calendar and recycling guide is available to view and download online at Castle Point - Recycling Calendar. We are unable to deliver the printed calendar and recycling guide with 2022 annual delivery. 

Using the regularly updated online calendar conserves resources, produces less waste, and is convenient and available at any time, on any device.

If you know someone with accessibility issues or who does not have access to a computer/ smartphone that would require a printed calendar, please message us on Facebook or Twitter  or email at or phone us on 01268 882200.

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Can you collect my missed Refuse?

Yes - We ask that your refuse is out for collection by 7.00 am. View the waste calendar for collection dates.

Recycling Calendar

If you have complied with the above please contact us by telephone on 01268 882200.

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