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Pink Sack


What materials can go in the Pink Sacks?

What goes in your pink sack?


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What should I do with cardboard that is too large for the pink sack?

Small cardboard items should be placed in a pink sack.

Larger cardboard items, or if there is a large quantity of cardboard please flatten and tie together with string and place under your Pink Sacks.

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Do plastic containers and cans need to be washed out?

Plastic containers and cans should be rinsed out to remove food residue, this is primarily due to the health and safety of the recycling operatives and to enable better quality recycling. This will also help to prevent the pink sacks being ripped open by scavengers.

Paper labels do not need to be removed.

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Do paper labels need to be removed from plastic containers and cans?

No - Paper labels do not need to be removed as these are burnt off in the high temperatures necessary for recycling.

Other Recycling

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What happens if the wrong materials are placed within the sack?

If the wrong materials are placed within the pink sack a sticker will be stuck on the sack explaining that the sack is contaminated. The sack will then be placed back on the resident’s property and a leaflet posted through their door explaining why the sack was not collected.

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Why is glass not collected in the Pink Sack?

Glass will continue to be collected within the yellow recycling boxes as it is currently believed that this is best and safest method of collection for glass.

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Can I get more pink sacks between deliveries?

pink sack

All pink sacks are FREE and are available from:

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When will the next delivery of Pink Sacks be?

Pink & Black sack annual delivery - The 2020 delivery is now complete.

Each property receives one free roll of 26 black sacks, two rolls of 39 pink sacks per year.

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Can I use other sacks for my recycling?

All “Pink Sack” recycling must be placed in pink sacks; as there is no limit to the number of sacks that you can have.

If recycling is placed within black sacks it will not be collected as recycling and will therefore not be recycled.

Additional sacks are FREE, you can have as many pink sacks as you require to recycle.

Rolls of sacks will be available for collection from:

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What was wrong with keeping all recycling separate?

The Pink Sack scheme is designed to make recycling as easy as possible for the public.

Surveys in Castle Point have shown that residents want recycling to be easier and this will make them recycle more. Evidence has shown that introducing a co-mingled scheme has dramatically increased the amount of waste being recycled.

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Where do flats place their pink sacks?

Not all flats have the same refuse facilities and therefore this differs per site.

In general pink sacks will be placed within the bin areas, some areas will have additional bins and some areas will simply place their pink sacks in the bin area as they do with their refuse. Where flats use kerbside collections this will continue with the Pink Sack scheme.

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What happens to the Pink Sacks after collection?

After collection the pink sacks are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where the recyclables are sorted back into the different materials before being sent for recycling.

For more information please visit: Other Recycling

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Does collecting recyclables together mean that the recycled materials are poorer quality or is it just landfilled?

No - The technology used to sort the Pink Sacks at a MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) has developed dramatically over the past decade. The MRF being used has the most advanced technology that can mechanically sort the materials to the same standard, if not better, as if the materials were collected separately. Collecting recyclables together therefore does not lead to recyclable materials being of poorer quality.

Other Recycling

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Can I have an Assisted Collection form?

Please Note: This service is only for an elderly / disabled resident who has difficulty in putting out their refuse / recycling.

Please contact us (including your name and address), or telephone us on 01268 882200 so that we can send the form to you.

Alternatively you can visit the Street Scene Section at the Council Offices, Kiln Road, Benfleet, SS7 1TF to collect one.

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Why will you take the pink sacks but not other plastic bags?

There are a number of plastic types and formats, many of which must be separated from each other before they can be recycled. Automatic sorting equipment can be used to separate plastic pots, tubs and trays into different colours and types for example. However some plastic items such as films cannot be separated in the same way, and can cause issues in the sorting facility by wrapping around conveyors and preventing the automatic sorting technology from working properly.

Where plastic films are of a single type and colour (such as warehousing films or the pink recycling sacks) they can be collected and sent straight to the recycler without going through the sorting process. This is also why many supermarkets can take back your carrier bags for recycling.

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